Breakfast menu
Crunchy toast with cheese and ham/egg 70/95
Avocado toast with an egg on top 130
Salty oatmeal with parmesan cheese and sunflower seeds 99
Omelette with spinach, cheese and champignons 120
Sunny side up eggs with sausages and grilled vegetable 115
Scrambled eggs with ham, cheese and grilled vegetable 115
Croissant with butter and jam 40
White yogurt with chia seeds and fruit 49
Coconut milk with chia seeds and fruit 59
Oatmeal with honey and fruit 99
Müsli bowl with fruit and white yogurt or milk 115

Bruschetta of the day, 2pcs/6pcs 55/135
Cheese plate (variation of cheese, bread) 199
Meat plate (variation of italian meat, bread) 199
Grilled goat cheese with jam and gluten-free bread 109
Home-made quiche of the day 70

Salad with goat cheese, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds 119
Rocket salad with cherry tomatoes, pine nuts and parmesan 119
Niçoise salad (tuna, egg, tomatoes, olives, potatoes, green bean) 119
Soup of the day 59

Ice-cream of the day/scoop 29
Home-made cakes and pastries of the day